Harry och Madison ?

"never think stubble-free boyband One Direction could wreak enough havoc to warrant a swoop by armed police.


But the X Factor lads, who have been in Los Angeles filming the video for their debut single, did just that thanks to the dodgy driving of band member Louis Tomlinson.


He was stopped by a cop who turned up to supervise the crew as they filmed on a public road.


The singer revealed: "I got pulled over by the US police. They thought I was all over the place.

"The officer goes: 'Listen, man, I can shut this thing down if you carry on driving like this. You're driving like a maniac.' And I was like: 'Man, put the gun down. I don't want no trouble.' "


Luckily for Louis, he was given just a good talking to and sent back to the shoot in his espadrilles.


But the shenanigans didn't stop there.


Louis and bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik, whose single is out later this year, have been making the most of three young female models who appear in the video.

And mop-haired heart-throb Harry has led the charge.


Our snaps show the lads grafting on the girls on their day off at Santa Monica pier. And Harry - who stripped off in the first-class cabin of the band's flight on his way to the shoot - managed to cop the phone number of the fittest girl.

During a filming break, he said: "The girls are lovely. We took them out to a little fairground on the pier in Santa Monica to get to know them. We did the spinning teacups."

And while Harry remained coy about his conquest, sources confirmed he had taken a shine to brunette beauty MADISON. He moved in on her when she cut her toe open on a rock.

The source added: "Harry and Madison were inseparable. They really hit it off and all the other boys kept teasing them both. They exchanged numbers and arranged to meet up when Harry is next in LA."

It's good that the boys are wasting no time getting stuck in to the pop star malarkey.


They've already had an incredible ride since winning the hearts of girls across the nation while finishing third on last year's X Factor, edged out by Rebecca Ferguson and winner Matt Cardle. They know they have hit the jackpot and are making the most of it.

Long may their Motley Crue-style antics continue."

- thesun

Jag är läst ganska mycket om det och ingen är riktigt säker på om detta med Harry och modellen är sant. Vissa säger att det inte är något att dom bara ska vara med i videon en tjej som träffade dom säger att det inte ens ska vara tjejer med i videon ? hmm..
Men enligt större källor så är detta falsk.. så tjejer, ni kan antgligen vara lugna. Harry är fortfarande singel.

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