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Killarna laddade upp den på facebook för 45 minuter sen. Vem tror ni det är ?

Teen now

Tjabba amanda här ska börja blogga på allvar nu ! 

Tänkte bara säga att i Teen Now numret i Augusti har One D på omslaget

Helena Zhao Experience

..på engelska dock för att jag skickade in den till en engelsksida först och jag pallar inte skriva om:/ Och den blev jättelång, jag vet :)

Min One Direction Experience första gången dom kom :)

Jag hade åkt till Cosmos studion på lördagen och väntat på dom där i några timmar utan tur så då träffade jag dom inte :)

On tuesday I decided to go and look for them again, my friend wasn’t allowed to come with me so I took contact with a girl named Li on twitter and we met after the school ended. She had brought three of her friends and I had nooo idea where we where going so I just followed them like a lost puppy, haha! We took the subway to Slussen and walked through a Subway. Suddenly Li said: “They are sitting in there.. !!” I was like: “NO WAY!!” And so I walked thorugh the window and quickly peeked inside… AND HOLY CRAP! Zayn Malik och Louis Tomlinson was freekin sitting inside Subway eating! I had a quick freakout session outside the window and Zayn tilted his head and saw me in the window and the second after that Louis turned his head around. I quickly hided at the side and was shaking. I couldn’t belive it!! Me and my friend had bought the boys candy so I quickly snapped the bag with candy out and held it in my hand. We stood outside Subway for a minute because we didn’t disturb their eating. Then they came out and we stood on the other side of the door, they did see us but we where only like standing there! Li was so shocked and they started walk towards their hotel with the bodyguard, Paul. So i dragged Li and we halfstalked them for like five metres or something before I quietly said: “Louis..?” and he turned around and sai “yes?:)” “Can we take a picture with you?:)” I was shaking soo much whne I said that XD. “yeah, of course” he answered. And I walked towards him and Zayn and said “We bought you some candy” but i stammered so much so he didn’t hear what I said. Louis “what?” he smiled. “We bought you some candy.. :)” I said and took a deep breath. “aw, thank you” he replied, took the bag and smiled. (I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE!!!) Then I took out my camera from my bag and took a picture with Zayn and Louis (Li, Louise, Ronja and Elin also took a picture with them) before Paul said that they had to go ( :( ) I asked where the other boys where and Paul said “In the studio” so I said “which studio?” and the bodyguard replied “I don’t know the name but it’s on Drottninggatan..” And so they left.. Me and my friends walked over to the other side of the street and stood there with our phones trying to search for a studio on drottninggatan… without any luck…so we walked back to the other side of the street again (don’t ask me why XD) so there we stood and randomly a silver taxi drives past like three metres away from us and Niall, Zayn and Louis are sitting inside smiling and waving at us… IF WE DIED!! We were like screaming and jumping on the street so everyone though we where crazy… We stood there in shock for seconds then we was like “WE HAVE TO FOLLOW THE CAR!!” So we started to run… and uh… the taxi had gone XD But we walked REALLY fast to drottninggatan and at the beginning of the street we was like.. “soo uhh… yeaah, where is the studio…” and then we turned our head to the right and saw like 20+ girls squished upon the windows, walls and the door on a building just beside us…. “I think we found it… ” So we stood there for like ten minutes and Li and the other girls talked to some of their friends there until we decided to go back to the hotel again… But first we stoped at the Subway again because Elin and Ronja wanted to eat. So we sat there for a while and my two friends, Zara and Linn, joined us, before they stood outside taking some air.. and I decided to but a sub because I started to get hungry.. When the guy behind the desk put my sub on the desk and I’ve paid Zara and Linn came in screaming that Liam Payne was outside! I freaked out again, snapped my subway with me and ran out, screaming… XD And we saw a boy with jeans and a grey hoodie about 35 metres away walking fast with a white bag in his hand. First I only saw some hair sticking out from the hood and I thought it was Harry, so i screamed “HARRY?!” and no reaction then I screamed “LIAM?!?!” and the boy turned his head REALLY quickly and continued walking away.. So I walked back to subway to get my soda which I left there… ehehe.. and we sat outside I ate my sub… Some minutes later we decided to go back to the hotel and wait there (the hotel and subway was really close) so we stood agains a wall outside the hotel, they were talking and I was eating… Suddenly Freekin Liam Payne came around the corner walking towards the hotel and us.. He saw that we started to freak out a little and I was standing there eating a sub -_-’ so he came forward to us and said “Hey Girls” and smiled. We asked if we could take a picture with him and he said yes so we did that. After that I asked him if he knew where Harry was and he said “Up in the hotelroom” I couldn’t say anything so I was just staring at him and pointing up with my finger (towards the hotelrooms) . He chuckled and said “yes”. Then he had to go and said “See you later!” Soo uuh yeah, we freaked out more!! Hours went by and we stood outside the main door when a taxi rolled in.. No one paid much attention because it came to much taxis all the time. Suddely Li said: OMG ITS THEM!!! I turned around and saw Paul come out from the front door, he asked if we was goign to take pictures when he opened the backdoor and Niall, Zayn and Louis came out! We nodded and replied “Yees!!”. Niall was SO HYPER and he jumped around while Louis said “HELLOO!!:D”  We took some pictures of them and then we girls joined :) Before the went inside i asked niall if he could tell harry to come down. Niall did the he-is-sleeping-thingy with his hands and I aww-ed :(. I thought “oh well, I met 4/5 of one direction today and Harry is sleeping.. so i guess i won’t meet him today…” so i headed home with linn. on the subway back zara called me and said that Harry had came down to the lobby!! If i was jealous?! I was soo sad :’( 

The next day in school i cried my ass off XD Happy tears!!! And after school i went back into Stockholm with my friends and we sat outside the hotel for hours without any luck…sad and cold I went home.. baha :p

Thursday was here and I decided to head into stockholm again… but this time i was alone.. i went ot the studio and 30+ girls was standing outside … halv an hour later my friends came.. (I had noo idea!) so i was talking to them. Suddenly Liam pulled the bilder up and everyone was sucked up against the window (HAHA poor liam… scared to hell i guess XD) later the studio foor opened and a guy stuck out his head. he said that we could meet them when paul came with zayn, harry and louis! after a minute they came! (YOU CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH OF LOOKING AT THEM!!!) and they went inside. We all stood in a half circle outside the studio and Paul came outside and bought the boys hotdogs and takeaway. (Hahahaa weird that Niall tweeted that he was sooo hungry later that day… who ate his food?!) The boys where joking around and the door opened once a while and we saw them. When paul opened the door i saw Liam sitting on the couch in there. And I was standing right the opposite to the door so i saw eveything. I waved at him to come outside but he only smiled and waved at me.. three times!!! (AAAHHH :D) … the clock was 16.20 and my dance lesson started 16.30… we HAD to leave.. but we didn’t because we knew that the boys were going to come out after they finished their food! crying hysterically we ran towards the subway and ended up coming 30 minutes late to the dance… still crying our eyes out… it was so embarrasing..!! 

Friday was here and it was practically the last chance to meet 1D for sure.. because we didn’t know when they were going to leave on saturday! I headed in to Stockholm after the school had finished and me and my friends went to the studio.. it was weird because there were only a few girls there.. and the clock was like 2! I walked with my friend Sabah to the hotel to meet Li and Louise. then we saw about 40 girls outside the hotel… (HOW the heck did they find it?!… ) So we asked a girl and she said that the boys where inside! My other friends who had been staying at the studio also came to the hotel and we waited there for hours… sat outside… walked to subway. When I stood outside subway I saw Paul coming, I asked him where the boys where and he answered “in their rooms”. When the clock striked 16.00 I HAD to go back to my “town” for my badminton lesson.. (I REALLY didn’t want to leave!!!!) But I had to.. so when I was on the train back home my friend called my and said that some of the boys stood in the window and looked at them, waving. “JUST MY LUCK… ” I thought -.- When the badminton finally was finshed i decided to go back to Stockholm (even though my parents wasent so pleased with it i was still allowed…) so at 7 o clock i arrived at Slussen, just then LInn called me and said that one of the hotelstaff told us fans that the boys took a backdoor and had gone… I WAS SO ANGRY :( And btw, when i was gone liam, niall and zayn had came out and stood outside the entrance… argh :’( We still waited outside the hotel, and the staff was lying!!!! My friend saw Harry walk past the crossing further away and more than halv of the girls ran there screaming. I took a good place outside the entrance and then all the screaming girls came back when they realized that harry was going to pass the lobby XD. We all stood squished up against the glasswalls when Paul came out.. he yelled “HEY!!” and everyone ran away scared! HAHAHAH so funny :) He said that if we didn’t stand beind this line there will be no more. So all the girls lined up in a semicircle again and then Harry Styles came out :D Happyyy!! He walked a round while signing different things ! I can’t believe he was like 5 centimeters away from me!!! I swear I could have felt the hairyness when hes hair was in front of me!! Hahaha :) After that we still waited outside and Harry appeared at the window again, taking pictures of us :) About one hour later Niall looked out from the window!!!! WE WERE SO HAPPY :) We thought they have gone back to the UK!! Because the staff told us that they did send Niall, Zayn and Liam away through a backdoor. Niall did the “sleeping-thingy” with his hands and the clock was about nine… so I guessed they was going to leave pretty early in the morning today!

Förlåt den är skitlång jag skriver dom andra lite kortare :) Twitter: Helena1D

Bilderna i miniatyr går att KLICKA på för förstoring!

1D har över 600.000 likes på Facebook

1Ds single - leaked x)


#imagine Liam: “Zayn, wake up!” Zayn: .. Liam:”ZAYN!?” Zayn: -.- Liam: “Oh, look, there’s (your name)!” Zayn: *falls out of bed* “WHERE!?”

You:” Did you know that you have a gorgeous smile?” Louis:” Well did you know, you’re the reason behind it?”

Niall: “You gave me your heart, so i’ll give you something in return.” You:”aww, what?” *smiles* Niall: “my last name” *kisses you*
#imagine Liam: “I love my wife.” Zayn: “Uhh, you are not married.” Liam: “I am to [your name].” Zayn: “But-” Liam: “-Shut up! DONT crush my dreams!”

Liam: “I love my wife.” Zayn: “Uhh, you are not married.” Liam: “I am to [your name].” Zayn: “But-” Liam: “-Shut up! DONT crush my dreams!”

Harry: honey? Louis: yeah babe!? Harry: not you , *your name*!

Zayn:” Baby I have a problem” You:”What?” Zayn: “Your last name” You:”What do you mean” Zayn:”let’s change it to Malik”

Niall puts your hand over his chest. His heartbeat is racing. Niall: feel this? You: yeah.. Niall: it beats for you

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